martes, 5 de marzo de 2013

No regrets... just a few

she's gone, it's all my fault, I was scared, I didn't wanted to accept it, I really was in love and I really was scared.   I don't know why it's started to affect me, but it did, I was... in love, but it affected me!!
   I don't know how my mother why I let my mother to play with my mind, maybe it was myself being a punk as always, you know, somehow your parents have a way to control what you want and what you think.   Just a few days ago I realize that my mother really liked my last girlfriend, the girl I dreamed to marry with, the girl I dreamed to have a family with, the girl I dream to have a life with... unconsciously I let my mother and family to control the feeling towards to be accepted again, a change after six year always has effects in people.   What I didn't realize is that my family will always have my back and I was too fool to realize that.
   I'm really sorry if I hurt you, a thing that I already know, and I'm really sorry for me cuz I think I lost the love of my life, even if I don't accept it.

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