domingo, 11 de noviembre de 2012

English is fun

SO this girls asked why did I texted her writing in engish and I answered back "cuz is fun" and repluied me that it wasn't true.

The truth is it's easier to say things in english, for example when you want to apologize you don't say "perdon" or "lo siento" -but I do say it, so fuck off-, well you may say it but most of the time people just say "sorry" or "my bad" -that one is my favorite-.   Also when you ask for something you rarely say "por favot" ust of the time you just say "please".

So it's really easy to say things in another language, why? here is why, it's beacuse you wrap yourself in protective shell, is like you're wearing a mask while playing poker and that's the truth behind why it's easier to say things in english, plus it's really lots of fun when you use words that other people doesn't understand or doesn't know the meaning.

either way if you don't like talking english just go ahead and cry me a river

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